40 Random Questions


I will answer these 40 random questions in this photo that I saw on twitter. After reading my answers, you can try answering these questions too. 😊

1. From GLOBE. I dont usually use messaging app to communicate or to start a conversation with someone. I’m more of a facebook messenger or twitter dm-kind of person.

2. From my Mother. She calls me all the time because she wants to maximize her plan.

3. Staying up late to watch korean drama and/or anime and read articles.

4. None yet? I dont know if I can consider them “date”. I became too close to guys but I havent reached to a point where I could consider I had dated anyone.

5. I have watched many TV series already but my favorites as of today are Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why and Scorpion.

6. All for You by Seo In Guk and Eun Ji (Reply 1997 OST)

7. Yes

8. Actually NO. Maybe because most of my friends are guys and my college friends are all open minded.

9. NO! Because I sing a lot in the bathroom and I dont want anyone ruining my bathroom concert. 😂

10. Dog 🐶

11. NO. NEVER.

12. Messy bun ❤

13. My best friend, Romariz Mauhay.

14. Super Junior. Girls’ Generation. Michael Bublé. Seo In Guk. Ailee. Ed Sheeran.

15. Single

16. Female. Straight!!

17. BKRM

18. I dont know the feeling of wanting to kiss anyone. 😂

19. Lee Donghae. Been a fan since 2005. (Almost 12 years as of today)

20. I actually do. With friends and family only.

21. Achievements. Sweets. Writing. Having deep conversations.

22. I dont know. I drink but I havent been drunk because when one of my friends got drunk, we all lost the feeling of tipsy-ness(i dont know the term HAHA) while making fun of the first person who got drunk/wasted first.

23. Without TV

24. Yes

25. Smart. Kind. Responsible. Funny

26. Yes

27. Yes. But with me there’s no moment of silence because I talk a lot. Even with people I just met.

28. None yet

29. I can but I won’t.

30. No

31. None yet

32. Chemistry!!!!

33. YES!!!

34. Palawan. Vatican City. Seoul. Jeju Island. Japan

35. I actually have.

36. Cold season but not rainy. BER months here in PH

37. Yes. A boy and a girl

38. Twitter. If you try to look at my Facebook profile you will only see tagged posts from my friends. Some I havent approved of. And then I use Twitter and Instagram everyday.

39. My first crush is Lee Donghae. So … no.

40. Yes